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Lets talk about it - Tinternet
Posted By Admin, May 20th, 2015

I have used the word tinternet as its quoted in one of the funniest comedies I have ever seen “Phoenix Nights”, it is such a fascinating addictive comedy that even when you have watched it and then watched it again it is just as, if not funnier the second time around.

But the internet is no laughing matter it has revolutionised nearly everyone’s life, I remember when I was a school kid late 70s and hearing a song on the radio then heading into town on a Saturday afternoon with my mates to buy the record. This whole process of buying a record would take some 3 hours out of my life, from waiting for the bus to walking back into my house this would account for the 3 hours. I suppose there was a bit of a social side added into the 3 hours with the gathering of some of my school friends. Fast forward to 2015 and only yesterday I heard a song on the car radio that I liked but didn’t know the artist, 30 seconds later with the aid of Shazam, iTunes, iPhone 6 and the internet and hey presto the song I was still listening to on the car radio was now stored in my own music files on my smart phone and having only parted with 99p

There are thousands of instances of how the Internet has made an impact into nearly everyone’s lives but some not so beneficial as the death of the pub quiz. I used to love my weekly once a night out at the pub quiz, me and my team namely the “4 wise men” were not bad quizzers and usually ended up in the top 3 but the writing was on the wall with those that decided to use there smart phones to help them to victory, the whispers of “Google it” echoing around my local pub. From top 3 to bottom three in a space of six months it was time to disband the 4 wise men, as we could not compete with those that thought winning a pub quiz with the use of the Internet was moral and just. There was a £5 entry fee per table and £25 for the winning table. Ironically when they swapped their papers at the end of the quiz for marking it was not so surprising that most teams were scoring 20 out of 20. With so many winners and the prize fund shared they were lucky to get £2.50 back.



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