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Lets talk about it - Tinternet Part2
Posted By Admin, June 18th, 2015

Now that I’m heading down memory lane I can remember my first holiday away with the lads, It was in the early 80s and I used to hang with a very close group of friends, Friday night and this was the start of the weekend party scene, finish work out on the town 7pm sharp when we met at the same pub every week every month, no mobiles phones to arrange meetings so we always stuck to he same schedule, the whole group new where we would be at any time of the night that way if you missed the first bar you could always meet up at the next bar and so on, we always walked into the next pub on the route on the half hour or the hour. One particular summer night we decided that we were going to have a lad’s holiday.

Saturday morning 11am meeting point arranged in the centre of town then of to the travel agents and then the slow laborious task of going through multiple holiday brochures to find hopefully fun in the sun. Sitting with the travel agent showing here where we wanted to go for her then to ring up tour operator to be put on hold with that obnoxious green sleeves music to be told accommodation not available this went on for 4 hours until we eventually settled on Magaluf with 3 x 2 bed rooms, I remember at the time looking at the pictures in the brochure thinking to my self we hit the Jackpot here, rooms looked the bollocks.

Our expectations were shattered when we got to Magaluf and opened the door to our rooms, the pictures in the Holiday brochure must have been from when the hotel first opened, some 17 years previous, everything was as the in the brochure but stained dirty and old.

Hotels and travel agents just can’t get away with this now and the standards of holiday accommodation has greatly improved thanks to the internet and social media. If I was to now book a lads getaway I would use all the tools of the internet to avoid staying in some slum of a hotel with no redress, one my favourite tools to booking any holiday or resort now has to be “trip advisor” you would have to be a total fool to end up in the same shit hole as me and my mates did when I was 18



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